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Favorite activity
Being a lady would like to talk about my favorite activity which is known as the shopping. Here I am going to share some names of shopping malls of Belize with all of you.
Southside Meats  
Diamonds International  
Emporium Plaza  
Kunal Enterprises Ltd  
Let me know guys where you like to enjoy your shopping where, and with whom. Don't forget to drop your views about that with all of us.

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Diamonds International and Emporium Plaza is such a really nice and best places here in Belize for shopping. I love to say here that my aunt had visited both of these malls here. I wanna say if your favorite ones mall for shopping share with us here. I wanna say that if you have any personal experience of these malls share with me.
I would really like to say, guys, both of these places are really new for me. I have never to be there in my life. I have no idea about them but would like to know from you about this in detail. Because I want to enjoy shopping of my friend marriage ceremony after mine boston bus tour hopefully, this would be a great experience for me.
Well! Nice discussion is running here about Shopping places. I am so happy to get these nice names of shopping malls. Now I would like to enjoy shopping there soon. Now as I will go there in Belize I will go at all these malls and fulfil my hobbies. Allaya! Nice sharing keep it up.
I am also big shopping lover and I have a good experience of Emporium Plaza because I have been there before mine harbour tours nyc a lot of times in my whole life to enjoy shopping and always spent such a nice time there. It is famous for its best services and its best quilty products. I think you should go there once in your future life if you like to see shopping places all over the world.  I hope you will fully enjoy there like I enjoyed.
Allaya! I like your sharing with all of us you shared such a cool and uniqe name of places for shopping. I never visited there in my traveling life but now I also want to go there for my personal shopping experience. In these days I am budy to taking boston to niagara fall tour will go there after come back from there.
Well, all of you have shared here such a really nice list of places for shopping but this time I want to say that if I will take a chance to go for visiting in future new kinds of places so I will try to choice these of the shopping centres like Emporium Plaza and Kunal Enterprises Ltd.
Allaya !! You have shared really best places names for shopping. My lover is the biggest freak of this kind of activity. I have added these places names and when I will free from my other tours so then I must go to these places with my lover. I want to know about if Diamonds International in this time.

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