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El salvador attractions
I am going to share with all of you those attraction names of El Salvador here which are popular there for exploring. Those attractions names are 
El Boqueron National Park
Lake Ilopango
Cathedral of Santa Ana
Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen
El Imposible National Park

what say about bus tour to yosemite
All of these places are the best for visit as travelling point of view and where tourists can enjoy many outdoor activities. I am sure your shared list about attractions would be useful for all fun and travelling lover. I also explored both of these places before going to enjoy my bus tours to maine like Lake Ilopango and El Imposible National Park but I really like to all of them. I must explore your shared other places in my next tour. I want to know about your next plan?
Love to say Raul you have shared great places names here. I like them so much and love to discuss Lake Ilopango. Cause this is a heart touching the place where I always love to go for spending a good time in the knees of nature. Let me know what is your views about this place? I will see your views after this los angeles bus trips.

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