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Upolu - Wessley321 - 06-09-2017

Upolu is an amazing island of Samoa and where you can enjoy most exciting views of nature beauty. It is famous for its incredible beauty and its shiny water's  crystal blue colour attracts the visitors towards it each year. I really like to see natural places all over the world and this is my most favourite one destination on earth. I have been there before taking the bus to tennessee a couple of the times in my whole life and always spend special time there. Anyone have you ever been there if yes then How was your experience?

RE: Upolu - Dwalin - 06-10-2017

If travelers really want to have fun n in Samoa. So Upolu would be a perfect choice for them and so sure through this have an amazing time there. This is a small island but has a great option of Beach-bumming or bushwalking or Diving as well. I had enjoyed all these ventures there and have a remarkable time there. What's about you guys?

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RE: Upolu - Bess - 06-10-2017

Wow, what a great conversation is running here about the Upolu by both of you guys. I truly liked this place and I would say that it seems such a suitable and impressive place to me to explore in the summer days. I would like to be around this place after my bus tours las vegas in the month of July. Let me know what are the best accommodation options there.

RE: Upolu - Dwalin - 06-12-2017

Here I am going to share some names of Upolu accommodations which surely help you to have a good stay there.
Faofao Beach Fales  
Return to Paradise Resort  
Taumeasina Island Resort  
Le Vasa Resort $150  
Airport Lodge Samoa  
Aga Reef Resort  
Let me know which will you like to select from them?