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Full Version: Shanghai City in China
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Shanghai, biggest city and a global financial hub. Shanghai Tower and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower,Sprawling Yu Garden  towers, and ponds are really the best places to see at there. it is best for its nightlife. I love the nightlife of this city and have once enjoyed I my life. I love to go there for sure soon and like to recommend to all of you must to be there at leat once in life.
Wow, Eugenie, I will love to say that you have shared really interesting nd impressive post about the Shanghai which made me aware about this place deeply. I was unfamiliar about it but now it is looking such a great kind of tourism attraction and No, I am keen to see som images of it o imagine how much beautiful it is. Will you like to post some pictures from your gallery here?
Shanghai is really a cool city to go ahead and see lots of fun places there. I personally love this city and had a great time there. Xintiandi mall is really a cool place to go ahead and have some time there to be with buddies and enjoy shopping to make more fun memories to be around this city. I was there last year before taking new years eve packages nyc and was a great time for me.
Jack Stoker, I read your post attentively and came to know that you talked about the Shanghai and said that you have been there in the last year which was really inspiring experience for you. You have also mentioned the name of Xintiandi mall which si best shopping mall for the shopping lovers. So, Ia m sure you will be having images of these places as you visited them. Do you like to share some of them here?

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Here I am going to share some images of Xintiandi mall with all of you from my collection.
[Image: 130939284.jpg]
[Image: Shanghai-Xintiandi-Mall.jpg]
[Image: in1.JPG]
I hope you al will like this.
Wow, such an amazing views you guys have shared with all of us. I really like them and would like to say that have never enjoyed the charm of Xintiandi mall in my life. I want to enjoy friend wedding ceremony in next days and want to be there. Anyone from you likes to share dining place which are located near this.
I do agree with you that Allaya! have share such a nice and most impressive views of Xintiandi mall. Xintiandi mall is a really great place where you can enjoy shopping with family and friends. I had a great time there but I will love to make a tour there for again and again. I will love to say other shopping lovers that you must to be there at leas once in your future life and enjoy the shopping.

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Wow, it's brilliant. I would like to enjoy shopping in this luxurious shopping mall. I will go for it with my friends and we will enjoy shopping together. Now all my shopping for my summer trip will be from the Xintiandi Mall. I am sure it will remain best for me and my friends will also enjoy it. I am quite sure that this shopping experience will gonna best experience of my life and it will be most enjoyable time for me.
Shanghai is new for me and I have not know about this place but after reading all members post so my curious so higher about if this place and I want to know more details about of this place. so can all members share with me some details about this place? I am oddly waiting for all members reply.