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Full Version: Gunung Jerai
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Gunung Jerai is a most amazing and such a nice kind of place for visit around the Arizona. It is famous for its incredible beauty. I have been there only twice time in my whole life but I have an awesome experience there. Now my Aunt has a plan to go there to enjoy some time with his whole family in coming months. Before going, she want to know the names of its good resorts. I have no idea about it. So anyone can you help me in this matter?
well, first of all, must say that it will be a stunning plan of your want to explore the Gunung Jerai in this summer. it is a beautiful Mountain in Malaysia, according to my father its height is 3,854 feet. It has so many beautiful views and also a natural beauty with lovely mornings. I must try to go there for enjoying my time here because he shared with me its location so look here we can explore it from Kedah, Malaysia. I will try to go there after ending my las vegas tours from los angeles.
I have few images of Gunung Jerai which my one friend shared with me a few hours agio through a social account as in these days she is at this place with her brother and enjoying a good time. Here are the shots of the place.
[Image: gunungjerai2.jpg]
[Image: scenery-of-gunung-jerai.jpg]
[Image: gunung-jerai.jpg]
Is it a place in Malaysia with the same name? I am confused is this located in Arizona or Maylizia? My uncle was calling this name but according to him, it is a mountain in Malaysia. I am looking for more replies from you to remove this confusion. Hope you guys love to give me a satisfactory answer.
Waiting for replies.

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Mr. BNerry, Let me say that I have no about the Gunung Jerai in Arizona. My friend had shared the Gunung Jerai which is located in Malaysia as these images are taken from there. Although, I will like to ask about the Gunung Jerai in Arizona from my mate and after that will let you know here If I got any stuff.
After watching the images of Gunung Jerai I would like to get an experience of travelling the Gunung Jerai in Arizona. I am sure that this will be enjoyable for me and I will enjoy being there. Now have you any suggestion regarding my tour of this destination? I hope your suggestions will be good for me and will help me alot to make my time full of enjoyement.